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Christmas at Mistletoe Lodge

A Feel Good Christmas Romance

What do a Zamboni, a stuffed bunny, and a blizzard have in common?
Ever since Avery Hawthorn left small town Frisco, Colorado for college at UCLA, her parents have visited her in sunny California for the holidays. When a freak accident at her father’s hardware store derails their plans, Avery must find a way to spend Christmas with them.

As a big fan of Christmas, Avery knew this wouldn’t do. She needed to see her family. But, there was one thing standing in the way of her taking time off…

The chance for a big promotion at work.

As luck would have it, Avery’s newest client sends her to the one place she hasn’t seen in twelve years - The Mistletoe Lodge. With her client willing to do anything for the property, they enlist Avery to sweet-talk the owners into selling.

When Avery said goodbye to her charming hometown, she also said goodbye to a man she vowed never to see again. After a bumpy flight home, fate intervened, and she came face-to-face with ex-boyfriend Ryder Carlisle.

Ryder’s family has owned the picturesque Mistletoe Lodge for generations. Nestled on the outskirts of Frisco, Colorado, the lodge is on the verge of shutting down for good, despite turning a profit last year. Ryder is determined to do all he can to keep the lodge’s doors open.

With plans of expansion already in motion, Ryder knows it will take a miracle to keep a corporate hotel chain from buying up his beloved lodge. He never imagined they’d sent the one person he couldn’t say “no” to.

Fall in love with Mistletoe Lodge this holiday season as Avery and Ryder find a way to put the past behind them in this feel-good second-chance romance.

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The McCaid Sisters

A Clearwater Family Series

'Deep down, she loved the thrill of battling the elements on the open sea. Despite her fear, her heart and soul had longed to glide over the ocean and face nature's challenges.' (Fallon McCaid)

Are you ready for romance, suspense, and the heartwarming power of family love? Then it is time to escape to spectacular Clearwater Beach, in Florida's Gulf Coast, and spend time with the adorable McCaid sisters.

Fallon and Piper McCaid have not spoken to each other in fifteen years, much to the despair of their younger sister, Ashley. The sisters are reunited with their brother missing, their grandfather in recovery, and their family home under threat. The McCaid sisters are forced to put aside their differences to face their fears, unravel a mystery, and confront an unknown enemy.

Stand with them as they battle their demons, fight to protect their family's precious shipping business, the beloved Dorothy Rose yacht, and their home, and salvage their late father’s reputation. Journey with them as they get swept away on the high seas of adventure and intrigue while stumbling upon genuine love and finding the courage to open their hearts again.

Laugh, cry, and fall in love with the McCaid family, broken by loss and tragedy and torn apart by secrets. Get lost in a story about the powerful bonds of family and the magic healing of sweet love which can drive a person to defeat their worst fears in the face of danger.
Let the McCaid family show you that love conquers all and knows no age limit. This timeless love story spans generations as everyone deserves a happily-ever-after.

An absolutely gorgeous read about learning to forgive, the power of love, and the importance of family.

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