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Secrets in Maine

Bar Harbor

Grab your tissues and go on a journey to Bar Harbor, by Amy Rafferty, "The Queen Of Gorgeous Clean Romance" in her new Secrets In Maine Series. Start a heartwarming mystery family saga set in a charming beach resort town in New England.

An exciting heartwarming read about learning to forgive, the power of love, and the importance of family.

Hope Wright, a successful bakery and catering business owner faces her ex-love interest and brother's best friend, Logan Hall, as he returns to town after being injured as a Navy Seal.
Hope's feelings for him are reignited against her better judgment. But she is grappling with a secret!

Hope finds that it's going to be near impossible to avoid Logan now that he's back in town! She finds herself navigating her complicated emotions and the need to protect her secret, never expecting how their lives will collide when she starts to get followed, finds out she is being spied on and gets threatening letters.

Logan, eager for a fresh start, battles his demons from ten months ago and is becoming increasingly frustrated with his slow recovery progress. The last thing he needs is to be dragged into a mystery around who and why he is being followed by a private security company. He is even more shocked to find out the same company has been following Hope and the two of them since the summer they were together seven years ago.

The two are pushed together by a common threat to their lives while trying to sort through confusing old feelings, and Hope’s secret.

Can they find a way to get over the betrayal of their past and get a second chance at love?

The Secrets in Maine series about a beach town with intriguing quirky characters and their cute furry friends. Perfect for those who adore heart-tugging family dramas and suspenseful romance that will keep you on the edge of your seat, wanting more!

Release Date:

19 April 2023

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Charming Bookshop Mysteries

A Small Town Beach Romance

When the past comes back to haunt you, can love save the day?

When Lacey Charming receives a phone call that shakes her world and alters her plans, she rushes back to her hometown of Harmony Cove, Rhode Island, to discover that the once familiar town has become a place of secrets and lies.
The Charming Bookshop, the family-owned business that holds a special place in her heart, is now at the center of a dangerous mystery.

As Lacey delves deeper into the truth behind her brother's accident, she finds herself drawn into a web of deceit and corruption that threatens to tear her family and the town apart. But she is not alone in her quest for answers.

Travis Styles, the good looking detective with a haunted past, is also investigating the crime wave that has engulfed the town.

They soon find themselves working together to uncover the truth. But as they get closer to the truth, they realize that the stakes are higher than they ever imagined, and that their own lives are in danger.

With danger lurking around every corner and the weight of the past bearing down on them, Lacey and Travis must navigate their growing attraction to each other while they race against time to uncover the secrets of Harmony Cove before it's too late.

Will they be able to unravel the truth and save the town, or will they become the next victims of the ruthless forces that threaten to tear it apart? Is there room for love between the big-shot editor and the hometown detective?

Release Date:

7 January 2023

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A Nantucket Christmas Escape

A Second Chance Holiday Romance

Three women at crossroads. One renewed friendship pact and a winter escape that will change their lives forever....

When Maggie inherits her grandfather’s Nantucket cottage, she realizes there’s no one in her life to fill the walls of Hope Lodge with laughter and love.

Hoping she’d be married by this age to someone keeping her company when she retires from her career in publishing, Maggie decides to restore the place and put it on the market.

As the festive season of love draws near, Maggie starts to accept a life of loneliness … Until she meets Stephen, the contractor renovating the lodge – a man she can hardly stand, but one with a heart of gold that warms hers like no other.
Suddenly, spending one last holiday in Hope Lodge with her two best friends she misses dearly, Holly and Cassie, doesn’t seem like a bad idea…

When Holly lost her husband last Christmas, all meaning was drained from her life.
Can she find the will to start anew and trust her heart?

As a busy lawyer in Boston, Cassie hardly has time for her husband and son. Worst of all, she’s certain Seth, her childhood sweetheart, is cheating on her.

They were looking for a festive season break of healing on the sleepy shores of Nantucket. But what happens when the three women discover so much more than they bargained for?

Get ready for a swirling, romantic winter adventure with Amazon’s best-selling author, Amy Rafferty’s heartwarming Christmas trilogy.

If you love second-chance romance, strong heroines, deep friendship and idyllic winter settings, the Nantucket Christmas Escape Trilogy is your ultimate Christmas read all year round!

Prepare for a magical journey where love and hope bloom without warning to warm the hearts of those who need it the most.

Release Date:

6 December 2022

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Honey Bay Cafe

Summer Paradise Series

Honey Bay manor felt like home… A home full of secrets and long-forgotten ghosts......

The night her parents died in a car accident, Gemma Walker suffered a severe head injury…
And the worst tragedy of her life.

Months later, therapy cannot cure her sudden aversion to blood and her recurring nightmares.

Gemma is determined to return to her job as a trauma surgeon and head of surgery at a top Hollywood Hospital–

Until she receives an inheritance that names her sole heir to an island property she'd never heard of in the Bahamas.

Gemma leaves L.A. and, she hopes, her trauma behind to investigate her unknown relative in Honey Bay.
Except everyone on this island gives her dark looks and calls her Gabby.
And Honey Bay Manor is full of memories and ghosts of the past.
Even the charming little Honey Bay café at the foot of the property is full of secrets. Secrets are trapped inside Gemma's memories and locked behind a door of fear in her mind.

Dean Singer, the lawyer handling her new property’s affairs, is as charming as he is irritating.
But something about him makes Gemma’s heart start beating again after all these months of pain and misery.
And when an investigation connected to the manor, Honey Bay café and Gemma’s secret relative, Patricia Marshall, resurfaces…

A long-buried mystery unfolds before their eyes.

Who is Gabby Marshall, and what happened on this island nearly thirty years ago?

Release Date:

25 October 2022

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Manatee Bay

Treasure Seekers Series

“Annie Williams, what are you hiding?”

The secret she’s sworn to protect with her life is about to see the light of day. And this time, there is nothing she can do to keep it buried.

Welcome to the complete series, Manatee Bay by Amy Rafferty, "The Queen Of Gorgeous Clean Mystery Romance" in this gripping Treasure Seeker Beach Collection. A heartwarming mystery family saga set in beautiful Florida.

Annie Williams is no fool.

She knows her marriage to Roger Davies has been a well-rehearsed lie she’s told herself over and over for years…
Anything to keep the old wounds in her heart from opening again.

When Roger announces their beautiful lie is finally over, everything Annie has built and dared to dream of is about to shatter around her.

Soon, Annie’s darkest secret comes tumbling out from its hiding place.

A place she thought she had left behind, buried deep beneath the sands of Manatee Bay…

Seeing Tom Howard with her best friend back on the island she once called home is more than she can bear.
Annie and Tom are still drawn to each other, but Annie finds the thought strictly forbidden. There is nothing between them anymore.

Or is there?

Back in the Bay, Tom is busying himself to keep from thinking about Annie.
But the return of his once true love makes this impossible…

Dive into Manatee Bay, where strong, free-spirited heroines, family secrets, lifelong dreams, and friendships intertwine in an unforgettable trip where the sun kisses the sea and mystery is round every corner.......

Release Date:

22 July 2022

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Montana Country Inn

Montana Big Sky Series

All families have secrets. Theirs is the most dangerous of all.....

People born in the big cities often scatter to the country, desperate for a breath of fresh air and a sense of direction found in the stars.
Those born and raised in the country long for the glitter and glamor the big cities promise.
But what if the grass isn’t always greener on the other side?
Growing up in a small town, you soon run out of new people to meet, and the chances of falling in love with a stranger or a career are few and far between.

Especially when age-old family feuds threaten to tear everyone apart…

The new generation of Sparrow, Hitchin, Parker, Anderson, and Beckett decides to head for the greener pastures of bigger cities in search of love, fame, and freedom. Until the land they call home needs them once more.

Can five families move past the hurt, anger, mistrust, and betrayal to fight for their future and save their homes?

Release Date:

27 March 2022

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Starting Over in Key West

A Floriday Keys Romance Series

Two things are equally dangerous and unstoppable: fire and love.
Christy Wright’s life is clouded with pain and loss.

Since the tragic death of her twin sister – and then later her husband – Christy has fought to put the shattered pieces of her life back together.

Though their deaths haunt her, Christy has slowly managed to rebuild her life and charged forth with her career with the Key West fire brigade.

Now, she is acting Chief, and everything is finally settling into place…

Until a fire-bug arsonist surfaces—and seems to be targeting Christy and her family!

Now more than ever, Christy must fight and work quickly to discover the truth behind this alarming new string of fires and protect her family.

The last thing she needs is for her estranged, childhood best friend, Aaron, to resurface in her life once more—and yet there he is. After Aaron broke her heart, Christy moved on, leaving all that they once were, behind her.

So why does the sight of Aaron still stir up mixed feelings she’d rather just forget?

Release Date:

28 December 2021

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Cody Bay Inn

A Nantucket Romance Series

True love always finds a way to thrive… and there’s no better place to heal from a wounded heart than in Cody Bay.
Cody Moore has always believed in the magical healing powers of Cody Bay, and in the gentle ocean breeze, she hears her grandmother’s voice: Cody Bay is where lost souls come to heal and find their way again.

The inn is fully booked for the summer, and Cody has guests in both of her cottages. With her life finally back on track and her children well into their teens, she feels that she’s exactly where she needs to be.

12 years ago, her life fell apart, and it was her grandparents who urged her to move back to Nantucket. If she’d ever doubted their feelings about the healing pull of the island, now she was sure.

So when the man who tore her life apart arrives asking for her help, she knows she can’t turn him away. Every one of her summer guests is meant to be here. Every one of them has wounds to heal.

And like it or not, that includes Christopher Stanford.

The Moores and the Stanfords have a history that began long before Cody and Christopher ever met, but her own life was ripped apart by this man… and him arriving on her doorstep brings up a whole lot of past she’d rather forget.

But life has its own plans, and as Cody’s family bonds with the guests, it becomes clear that it isn’t only the past that has arrived on the island: it’s also a string of mysteries… and there’s a lot more at stake than any of them realized.

In order to put the past behind her, Cody must open herself up to the truth… and that means delving into secrets long since buried.

Will Cody give love a second chance while mysteries unravel around her? Can she open her own heart while love blossoms amongst her guests?

Release Date:

8 June 2021

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Secrets of White Sands Cove

A San Diego Sunsets Series

White Sands Cove, packed with sun, white sand, by the sparkling blue Pacific Ocean in La Jolla, San Diego, is a cove that stood for almost a century shrouded in mystery and danger and is now the proud new business venture of cousins Michael Cooper and Lily Crowley.

Determined to make their love of outdoor adventure and fun into a full-time business, the cousins turn a once run down and condemned White Sands Cove into the ‘place to be’ if you are looking for a day filled with sun, sea, sand, and fun. Meanwhile, Erin Carnegie is uprooting her New York life and heading for the warm shores of La Jolla, San Diego to start over.

Some might say she's running away but Erin, her daughter, Kelsey, and godson Caleb Barnes need a fresh start somewhere they can heal and regroup.

As nature and forces they can’t control around them conspire against the cousins, their first guests arrive to complicate their lives a little more.

Zane McCaid has sailed with his family to La Jolla for a much-needed vacation and to celebrate his nieces and nephew’s triple wedding. Staying at the White Sands Cove hotel gives Zane and his family the perfect opportunity to go on a treasure hunt and solve a centuries old family mystery.

Join Erin and her family, Zane and his family, and cousins Michael and Lilly as they scramble to sort out their lives, while all getting pulled into an adventure of a lifetime. A treasure hunt and mysterious secret beach caves that get them all trapped in a potentially deadly situation. As they band together to face the dangers ahead, each one learns they may also be in danger of losing their hearts.

Release Date:

22 May 2021

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A Mystery at Summer Lodge

A Coastal Vineyard Series

Are you ready for romance, mystery, suspense and the power of family feuds and politics? Then it is time to escape to Los Angeles, California and spend time with the Cartwright twins.

As Danielle and Nicole Cartwright take on each other's identities they soon come to realize life is not as cushy as they thought it was on the other side.

Join the sisters as they learn how to walk in each other's shoes to come to a realization that they may not be as different as they thought they were.

Embark on an adrenaline packed journey through the Amazon jungle with Nicole who is about to find out that her sister is no pampered celebrity chef. Here, Nicole must learn to cook some of the traditional dishes of some of the tribes of the Amazon. But her problems don’t only stop at the fact she can’t cook. Her sister's TV show is up against a competition TV show. Nicole must go head to head with the arrogant but gorgeous Zach Goodwin.

Can Nicole manage to pull off impersonating her sister to save her sister's beloved TV show while trying not to fall in love with a man totally wrong for her?

While Nicole is trying not to burn down the Amazon jungle with her terrible cooking skills, Danielle is roped into pretending to be Nicole.

Guilted and bribed by her mother to impersonate her sister until after her great-grandmother's ninety-fifth birthday party when a merger will be signed off, Danielle is caught up in a corporate whirlwind of business meetings and dinners, and everything she has ever hated about the rich and famous.

If Danielle can pull this off, she would finally be able to elevate Summer Lodge Wines to the prestige it once had. First, she must solve the mystery of the curse of the Summer Lodge Winery which means delving into a vat of hurt and pain.

Release Date:

1 April 2021

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The Seabreeze Cottage

A La Jolla Cove Series

The Sea Breeze Cottage. A La Jolla Cove Series is a heartwarming, edgy, and all-around entertaining read filled with romance, excitement, intrigue, butterflies, and adventure. This must-read book rekindles hope after a tragic loss, trust after bitter heartache, shows that life lessons are learned throughout your life and that finding your soulmate has no time or age limit. An ageless inspiring adventure romance that can be enjoyed by everyone.

La Jolla, a hilly sea-side coastal town, perched along the rugged shores of the Pacific Ocean forms part of the city of San Diego. Having spent the summers there with her Aunt, it was the place Jennifer had called home as a young girl. It had always been a place filled with the happiest of memories and times for Jennifer. Even as an adult, La Jolla was Jennifer’s haven and place to recuperate from the fast-paced world of New York where she had moved to so she could pursue her career after law school.

Now a single mother of three children and a messy divorce behind her, her safe haven is scarred by a tragic accident that rips a hole in her world. Not only does she lose someone she loves dearly, but she unwittingly gets tangled up in a web of betrayal, mystery, and lies.

Release Date:

27 November 2020

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